Claimed By The Storm

Standing at a crossroad, trying to figure out where to go. Jumbled up thoughts but still a blank stare. Curbing a noise within me that wants to escape out as a shriek. I am shouting on the inside, asking for help but out comes a whisper that nobody hears. I stretch my hand out to…

A Part Of You

In my big beady eyes you reside forever Leaving my sight going away you’d never In my deaf ears your voice dwells forever Going silent on me you’d still think never In my titled nose your scent nests forever Wiping your whiff off you’d enjoy never In my soft skin your touch perches forever Sliding…

Battling The World

When the world is against me, I battle alone. Standing my ground firm, head held high and looking at them in the eye. I may be alone, I may be singled out but I won’t give up. I’ll be bruised and I’ll be cut but I won’t bow down. It is for my respect and…

Woman Of My Dreams

I fight for myself and fight for others in need. I hold my ground when you are shaking the earth under me. My thoughts are my own and I speak what I think. I know what I deserve and won’t settle for less. I am the woman of my dreams.

Womb Of Ocean

From the womb of the ocean I was born Yellows of sun and blues of water I adorn From the waves of ocean I was washed Ripples formed and misty tears swashed From the coat of azure I was furred Kept in dark with my gaze so blurred From the crash of waves I was…

The Woman Who Bleeds

For days every month I bleed For years and decades I bleed For the love of life I bleed For the duty of wife I bleed For my future heir I bleed For being a mother I bleed I turn a giver of life when I bleed But why am I dirty when I bleed?

A Sailor Sailed Away

Out on the waters he would sail Sending me little gifts without fail Letters would pop up in the mail Even on days going white with hail Then all went calm and silent, he was frail No photos of whales and their tail No holiday and scenery from the rail No stories about chalice or…

Sleeping Beauty

Breathe into my soul a part of your life And unlock the slumber that captures me For I’ve been waiting for years to be your wife And wake up in your arms for I am yours to be

Love Never Dies

The strong arms of this world pulls us apart They hear me not but I shout, “He is my part” For years he lay with me and here forever he lies He is dead for years but I shout, “Love never dies”

Drowning In Thoughts

Thoughts clouding the clear sky of my mind Random and incomplete, they are all I find Questions are pouring over me, wounding like a dart Answers to which are lost in the ocean of my heart Which way do I go, which will hurt me less? The puddle of options becomes a raging mess The…

Woman Of The Wild

Far away from the urban hustle bustle I live among the trees and their rustle Open eyes to sun rising soft and mild Fall asleep amid the roars of the wild Eat from the trees, drink from the river I rest in the lap of nature, my loving giver In wilderness I have found my…

Self Hate

“Thou canst not think worse of me than I do of myself.” ― Robert Burton