What fills the emptiness in your life? You’d be lying if you say you never feel empty. I’d be lying if I say there is no emptiness in my life. I open eyes in the morning to another day of pointless breathing. I look at the scars on my arms that sing songs of my…

Just A Hiccup

Dear city girl, I freeze in the buzzing streets as you push past me. I fumble over my words as I try to speak your tongue. I tug at my modest clothes as I see you dressed to the nines. I look at the plain Jane staring at me from the mirror as I see…

On Her Lips

Poetry is the silent song on the lips of a noisy life… -Yamini

Sold To The Devil

Remember the people you killed for your greed? I am covered in their ashes Remember the houses you burnt for power? I am covered in their soot Remember the forests you set on fire for land? I am covered in their coal Remember the weapons you sold for riots? I am covered in their smoke…

The Battle Of Words

What’s true will turn into poetry, what’s false becomes prose. A poet never loses a battle. they just win words. -Yamini

A Poet’s Tears

No tissue has the power to hold in a poet’s tears. Every drop burns a hole with a verse. -Yamini

In My Cocoon

Come out to the world they say The people who once wanted me to sway Come out to your family they say The people who once left me astray Come out for our love they say The people who saw in me just shades of gray Come out to the new life they say The…

I Wish I Could

To the teenage girl at the bus stop, I saw you today waiting for the bus. I saw a reflection of myself in you. A shiver raced down my spine at that thought. I wish I could say I saw in you a budding writer like me. I wish I could say we share the…

The Mirror Of My Soul

Stare deep in my eyes and look through the teary ocean What do you find hidden in the mirror of my soul? Can you see the truth staring at you from within? Or you are blinded by the lies I’ve woven around me? Can you look past my deceit where the gospel truth strives? Or…

On The Edge

I am standing on the edge of a cliff. As I look down, I see the calm water. It calls me, it longs for me. I am mystified by it. My eyes don’t want to leave it. I open my arms, ready to embrace the blue. But I am stopped by a voice above me….

Of Glitter And Smoke

I breathe in raging fire and exhale soothing smoke I burn within me the dark coal and let out glitter as I choke

In A Daze

Standing atop this mountain, watching the sun go down There is a tornado inside, pulling me with it to drown I am trying to rise beyond it, fighting my way above But it is claiming all of me, taking over me with love I surrender to his power, he shakes me like a rag doll…