I Saw You


To the girls on the beach,

I saw the two of you today, laughing and joking with the other girls. But there was a hint of nervousness about you. While your lips were curled into smiles, your twitching eyebrows had another story to tell. I saw the casual glance you two exchanged. I was there when you two pretended your hands just brushed with each other. I saw you biting your lips and I heard you when you ‘joked’ you’d rather date a girl. In your world, I don’t even exist but in my world, you’ll forever be the girls I saw begging to be let out of the closet.

-Just a passerby


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  1. utahan15 says:

    sounds like something from led zepplelin 3

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    1. Yamini says:

      Haven’t heard about that… Oops


  2. SMiLes Dear Yamini Your Poetry Story Free Verse About
    Two Girls Nervously Brushing Hands Joking They’d Rather
    Date A Girl Reminds me of the Stories my Grandfather an
    X-Catholic Priest From Ireland Told Who Worked As A Counsel
    For the Vatican Used to ‘Tale’ About His Days Spent in the Seminary

    Before Becoming A Priest
    Hehe, He Actually Wrote a
    Book “Titled Soul of A Priest,”
    And Many Others Like “Out of the Labyrinth,”
    And “Behind the Dictators” Per the Role the Catholic
    Church Played in Supporting Dictators From Last Century

    Sort of Like The Support They Have Provided to Trump Through
    All Of His Horrible Deeds He Has Done to Our Beloved Democracy in the

    United States Anyway He Died Before i Was Born in 1960 At Only 55 From
    Cancer in 1950 Yet He Left Books Behind to Get to Know Him And He Was
    Also An Editor of A Magazine For 10 Years Called the ‘Converted Catholic’

    Then in New York City Hehe
    Family Legend Has it He
    Dined With Einstein in the
    ‘Socialist Circles’ Last Century

    And True Yes He Does Have His
    Own Wiki Bio-Page to Some Claim
    to Fame More Than 60 Years After He Passed Away

    Yet Back to the Topic of Your Poetic Story What He Noticed
    in the Seminary is Widespread Homosexual Behavior Under
    The Cover of Sheets At Night And Even Studies Now Within the Catholic

    Church Show that Up to 58 Percent of Catholic Priests are of Homosexual
    Orientation Sadly They Are Required to Closet Who They Are As Human Beings

    And Even More Sadly and Ironic is According to Modern Science This is Likely
    The Reason They Sought to Help Others With Their Spirituality in Life And Of
    Course to Have Some Excuse Not to Be Interested in Getting Married to
    Women As That Used to Be a Big Deal for a Man to Stay Single Not

    So Much Anymore
    as Humans Continue
    to Evolve Anyway Science
    Shows Humans Are more Likely
    To Be Prone to Be Born Homosexual
    By Hormones Present in Stressful Pregnancies
    in the Womb as Mother Nature Does in the Rest of
    the Animal Kingdom When Population Stresses Occur

    In The Case of Humans They Are Born More Likely To Cooperate and
    Assist Other Members of Their Species As a Stressful Environment
    is Related in A Mother’s Womb Flooded By Hormones Changing a

    Child Developing And What Happens May Be A Child Who Assists
    in Cooperation More Than One Who Competes to Reproduce True Nature

    iS A Whole Lot
    Smarter than
    What Culture
    Decides Humans
    Are or Are Not There is

    No Fooling Mother Nature
    When the Closet Becomes
    The Reality Between The Sheets
    in Catholic Seminaries And The Such For Real…

    It Is Truly Sad When CuLTuRE is So Warped That
    A Human Being is Prevented From Experiencing a
    Lifelong Affection of Love in A Home and in a Same Bed

    of Loving Comfort

    How Horrible
    Humans Will
    Be to Other Human
    Beings and Even their
    Selves for the Lies Spoon-Fed
    By CuLTuRE Put in a PRiSoN

    Without the Love So Many Folks
    Who Are Accepted Come to Realize in Life For Real…

    Of Course my Grandfather A Converted Catholic to
    Protestant Would Have Suggested Then Like my Mother
    Who Actually Converted to Catholicism Ironically From Being
    Protestant to Raise Us in that Church Yes Both of them Would

    Have Suggested Than Hindus And Muslims Would Burn in Hell
    Forever if they Didn’t Accept Jesus Christ as Their Only Lord And Savior

    Not Unlike the Two
    Girls on the Beach
    Or the Homosexual
    Priests They Would Not
    Accept i Clashed with mY Mother
    on What i Felt Was A Most Horrible
    Sin and Evil to Suggest A Fate Like that
    For Humans Who Were Surely More Overall
    Loving and Accepting of Other Human Beings than
    Such A Closed in Small Religion Such as that

    Hehe i Didn’t Have an Opportunity

    to Clash With my Grandfather

    Yet There Are Still Plenty
    of Human Beings Led Astray
    in the United States Just Spoon
    Fed Lies From Birth The Same Way…

    Fortunately Some of Us Have Been Able
    to Evolve Past the Sins Of Our Mother’s and
    Grandfather’s And Such Just Out of Ignorance mY FRiEnD

    If God is Not For All Human Beings God is Not Love or Even ‘Really

    NoW in my
    Estimation Yes
    of Humanity Even
    With A Potential for
    A Greater Love Than
    A Smaller Fabricated God Might Bring…

    Surely my Experience in the Poetry World
    Listening to the Souls of Hindus and Muslims
    And The Love They Bring Unconditionally Only

    Makes my
    Beliefs more
    Secure That
    Love is For Everyone mY FRiEnD

    And God too if God is Really Love and Not Just a Lie and Ruse
    to Subjugate, Master, And Control The Freedoms of Other Humans..:)

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    1. Yamini says:

      Not everyone will understand such love but true love is not dependent on anyone’s understanding of it

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      1. Love Is The Force
        The Wings We
        Give A Way
        From Within
        Much Too
        Great To Be
        To Homes
        Cars And
        Only Body
        Parts my FRiEnD
        Yamini How Great Thou

        Art (GoD)
        Of LoVE Real True
        Is When Really Real🕊

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  3. Celt Peadar says:

    I once knew two girls like that…

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    1. Yamini says:

      It’s rare to see a love so pure and vulnerable

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  4. Simi says:

    Such beautiful writing this is. I appreciate your talent.

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you 😊


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