The Last Survivor

The world is becoming a prey to their hatred with blood on every living hand. Not a face is left alive that does not belong to a killer; they have all turned into butchers ready to chop heads off. Such mass destruction only opened gates to hell on earth, with Satan waiting for the downfall….

Love For A Lifetime

“Man, how much I loved her I can’t tell. She was my life and my lifeline. Never the thought of pushing her out of my life had crossed my mind, never. She betrayed me, two timed me and so she had to leave. But my love for her has not vanished and it never would….

Rising From The Beyond

8 years it has been, 8 long years of lying under layers of sand. In wait of this one answer, he still breathes within his dead self. But this night was different, with thunder and rain at their most wrathful self the night welcomed a bad news. Going against the fury of nature, they came…

The Barbaric Murder

Blood shot eyes, gruesome face, folded sleeves and unbearable alcohol stink, he looked like a character straight from a murder mystery novel. The blood stained rock lying nearby with his finger prints was evidence enough to push him behind bars. Handcuffed he was dragged from the crime scene, pictures taken and convicted. The newspapers read,…

Fearing Thinness

“Another member of fitness club found dead at her apartment, no clue of the killer.”, read the headlines. The police was investigating the possibility of illegal activity at the gym, thinking it as a valid reason for the consecutive murders. Reading the newspaper, a lady comments on her fat daughter, “The gym will shut down…