Too Much


My lipstick can never be too bold nor my skirt too short
My walk can never be too slutty nor my smiles too flirty
The hour can never be too late nor my signals too forward

Your eyes can always be too prying and your hands too close
Your thoughts can always be too dirty and your actions too filthy

My screams can never be too muffled but the world can always be too deaf

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  1. Ishita Gupta says:

    The last line💔💔 But it’s so true.

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    1. Yamini says:

      This was inspired by the recent cases. May their souls rest in peace ☮️

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    1. Yamini says:

      That’s the sad reality of the society we live in!

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  2. utahan15 says:

    another girl asks
    is sex ruled too
    i would sure hope so somewhat eh?


  3. Free to Be A Flower Uncut
    Free to Roam Without Being Road Kill Free to Be Nature in Balance
    So Truly
    Add to A
    Table of Plenty
    Why Rape, Maim,
    And Kill A Free FLoWeR…
    Desert of the Soul
    Desert of the
    No Rise
    Of THorns
    to FLoWeRS
    MaKinG Rose🦅

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    1. Yamini says:

      Many such flowers are crushed every single day, their fragrance lost and roots pulled out

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      1. SMiLes when ‘Humans’
        Learn the Colors of
        Souls When HeART
        Is Felt when
        Spirit Now
        Care We
        Just Don’t
        Harm People
        As Some Folks
        Do When the Light
        Of i will never Harm
        Another Human For
        My HeART LiGHT
        Is Turned on
        In Side
        In Other
        Words as they
        Sing in The West
        Don’t Teach your
        Boys to Be Cowboys
        Lest they Break HeARTS
        Steal Souls And Kill
        The Living Spirit
        Of FLoWeRS…
        At Least
        Half the
        Women i’ve
        Known Have Struggled
        With This Demon of Abuse
        Teach Your Boys
        To Cherish
        Teach Your
        Boys it’s okay
        To Smile And Cry
        Not Just Tears in
        Beers Songs that
        Spell they Were
        Taught to Lose
        Their Emotions
        To Become Toy
        Tin Soldiers
        A Soul
        Wouldn’t Hurt
        A Flower… Cultures
        Long For Thousands
        Of Years In Tribal
        Toxic Patriarchies
        Must Face A
        New Age
        Now Of
        Love Not
        Only Now To
        Stop Harming
        Others in ‘The
        Trump Way’ of Seeing
        Life on Public Display
        As Microcosm of this
        Human CuLTuRaL
        DisEase But
        By God Nature Now
        Is Already Speaking
        Loud And Clear If We
        Do Not Stop Raping,
        Maiming, Killing, Taking
        More than Giving Against
        The Rest Of Nature on
        This Planet in the Same
        Toxic Patriarchy…
        Nature Will
        Remove of
        Us From
        Party And
        None of us Will
        Be Coming again
        To this Table of
        We Share
        And Truly Never
        Dominate Now and
        Own If only ‘They’
        Understand Nature
        Means NO NOW TOO
        As We
        We Live or
        Die For Now
        And Forever too🌊🧸

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  4. Bilgencer says:

    Waaaww very impressive.. 👏👏

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you so much 🙂

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