Unknown Love Part 2

A loud knock at the door woke her up, irritated she got up to scold the unwanted visitor. But on opening the door, she fell short of words. None other than the guy from her dreams was standing there. Was she dreaming again? Or was he right there?

“Ahmm, hello. Sorry to have disturbed your sleep but it was a bit of urgent. Do you mind if I come in and explain to you the matter?”, the guy’s eyes were pleading. She held the door open for him to come in but couldn’t manage any words yet. “I am a painter.”, he began, “For the last couple of months I have been seeing a face in my dreams. Have a look at these paintings of that face”. She seemed to have lost her voice, the girl in the portraits was none other than her! “We have not met and I was not sure if such a face even existed. But technology helped me and through a common friend in your city I got your address. You match this picture perfectly. You might not even believe my story and take me for a stalker but this is not a joke. Though my life seems ideal for a blockbuster movie!”, he seemed to say it in one breath.

It all seemed so unreal that she was not sure whether to be happy or doubt the credibility of this incidence. Now it was her turn to recite her side of the story and once done, she beamed with happiness! Their story was unbelievable but it was their destiny, their dreams were the path that lead them to love, strange but true!


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  1. quite mysterious 😮

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you 🙂

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      1. Would have been a terrifying experience, if true.

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      2. Yamini says:

        🙂 But it is fiction!!

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      3. I know that. These things happen only in fiction or movies 😦

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      4. Yamini says:

        You never know!!

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  2. nathaswami says:

    Out of curiosity : is it a real story?

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    1. Yamini says:

      It’s fiction but if it felt real… that’s a big compliment 😊

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