Words To Hearts

A writer’s thoughts can fail but her words can’t… They win, not awards maybe but hearts for sure!

Short Of Words

Today I am brimming with thoughts… But why can’t I put them to words? “Because you are in love and that my friend is enough to make anyone short of words”, my heart replied!


“Those who tell stories rule society” -Plato

Mantra For Life

Socrates was a man of honor and his sayings are practical in the world of today. Where people are more interested in pulling others down rather than uplifting themselves, his quotes seem very apt. “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people” is a quote that draws attention whenever you find…

Alice In Wonderland

“I am just another Alice who’s trying to find her way out of her head and into a wonderland.” – Vazaki Nada

The Two Step Walk

Let’s walk together in opposite directions Not away but rather towards each other Take one step from there and I’ll do the same here Together we will bridge the gap that has crept in us You are at the far end of our mini universe The distance is huge but we will walk through It…


A good friend knows all your stories. A best friend helped you write them!

Let’s Live Again

Are you living? I know you are breathing, your heart is pumping blood and all other physical processes are just right. But is there no difference between living your life and passing days? Pause…think, think again. You are just breathing your way to death, but now you need to live, live again just like you…

When All Goes Wrong

When you are losing everything, don’t fret. I am not crazy, trust me don’t fret! Stay calm and composed, don’t regret. It’s tough, real tough but you won’t regret! When one door closes your light just remember somewhere in the dark you will find light. Trust yourself, the future is bright. Soon the darkness will…

Leaving Messages Behind

Not far is the day when we will die… Are you prepared to bid your final goodbye? Not much time you have at your hand… Before your journey abode starts grand! Want to leave in silence? Not telling your tale? You will repent lying on the death bed so pale! Drop your message of life…