I am a book of life, know me more with each paraI am a poetry compilation, dig deeper to understand meI am an album of songs, decode my lyrics from the beatsI am a gossip magazine, turn every page for new scoopI am a dictionary, learn my meaning in every wordI am a novel, find…

Woman Of My Dreams

I fight for myself and fight for others in need. I hold my ground when you are shaking the earth under me. My thoughts are my own and I speak what I think. I know what I deserve and won’t settle for less. I am the woman of my dreams.

Womb Of Ocean

From the womb of the ocean I was born Yellows of sun and blues of water I adorn From the waves of ocean I was washed Ripples formed and misty tears swashed From the coat of azure I was furred Kept in dark with my gaze so blurred From the crash of waves I was…

Reading Fire

There is fire in what I read A pyre of words that I seed Satire in verses that I feed A sharp wire in pages that I bead A rotten liar of books I heed, but… Never will I tire to quench the need

I Am THAT Woman

Blown by the wind, flown by the waves I am the woman who listens to your raves Pushed by the passer, groped by the teaser I am the woman who lives as the pleaser Accused by the words, bruised by the swords I am the woman who kneels before the lords Used by the man,…

Mere Words

Words, mere words they were That you used to sweep me off my feet Your sweet words they were That drowned me in your thoughts They were your tender words That left me pinning for you Words, mere words they were That you used to pinch me and leave me bruised

I See It

There’s a longing in your eyes I see it in your blank stare I see it when you lower your eyes I see it in the tears you hold back There’s sadness on your face I see it in your unsure smile I see it in your forced laugh I see it when your lips…

Short Of Words

Today I am brimming with thoughts… But why can’t I put them to words? “Because you are in love and that my friend is enough to make anyone short of words”, my heart replied!

Love For Words

Writing is to few what breathing is to all! Just random thoughts…