The Woman Who Bleeds

For days every month I bleed For years and decades I bleed For the love of life I bleed For the duty of wife I bleed For my future heir I bleed For being a mother I bleed I turn a giver of life when I bleed But why am I dirty when I bleed?

Blood On Me

There is blood in my eyes, my tears are red There is blood on my soul, my insides are broken There is blood on my heart, I’ve been stabbed There is blood on my hands, I have killed I’ve died and I’ve killed, there is blood on my mind…

The Colored Canvas

Staring at the blank canvas, she stands with paints around her. It was a beautiful sunset right outside her window. But today nothing could inspire her to pick up the brushes. Lying on the table with the palette was a form that would admit her to medical school. But did she want that? Her father…

The Blackness Of Red

“I watch as blood trickles down my wrist and wait for the red to blur before my eyes and leave behind a bright light that will soon fade to black.” -Yamini

The Girl In Red

A red hot siren they said Like I am a glowing light Not a woman with eyes bright A red meaty feast they said Like I am a dish stuffed tight To delve into when dark sets the night A red Bloody Mary they said Like I am a drink to quench their sight Not…