A Letter To His Woman

To the girl who will love him next, Love him unconditionally, he deserves it. He won’t say it but he gets emotional when he feels his love misunderstands him. Don’t lie to him, no matter how brutal the truth is. Lying will only make him unsure of this relationship. Talk to him about bikes, he…

The Eternal Wait

For years I’ve waited to be loved by him For years I’ve wanted to be embraced by him For years I’ve wanted to smile for him For years I’ve welled my eyes for him For years I’ll still wait to be loved by him For he is my wait and I’ll always wait for him

In My Memories

A house full of memories I will leave behind to make memories in a new home. My giggles will echo long after I am gone. My scent will remain on the pillow and my voice in the twirl of the wind chime. I’ll remain in the photo frames of the wall. I’ll leave my touch…

In Your Embrace

Pull me into a warm embrace And up the beating heart’s pace For your arms are the only place Where the sorrows have no trace Where questions have no space And where emotions win the race…

The Woman Who Bleeds

For days every month I bleed For years and decades I bleed For the love of life I bleed For the duty of wife I bleed For my future heir I bleed For being a mother I bleed I turn a giver of life when I bleed But why am I dirty when I bleed?

Sleeping Beauty

Breathe into my soul a part of your life And unlock the slumber that captures me For I’ve been waiting for years to be your wife And wake up in your arms for I am yours to be

Love Never Dies

The strong arms of this world pulls us apart They hear me not but I shout, “He is my part” For years he lay with me and here forever he lies He is dead for years but I shout, “Love never dies”

In Your Honor

Fighting for honor, they say Where is the honor, I ask In keeping marriage pure, they say In killing those who love, I correct Love is bound to come, they say What bounds is not love, I remark What will the society think, they say Think what the lovers feel, I answer That’s not the…

Immersing In Love

I am a delicate flower, sway me away from my roots. Take me with you far and wide, riding high on your waves. Immerse in my scent and let me immerse in your depths!

Mere Words

Words, mere words they were That you used to sweep me off my feet Your sweet words they were That drowned me in your thoughts They were your tender words That left me pinning for you Words, mere words they were That you used to pinch me and leave me bruised

A World Away

Let’s move across mountains and oceans To a world away from the world… Where stars shine bright and the moon smiles tight And we look above with hopes and not bounded ropes Where we wake up to the sound of waves crashing our caves And start the day with chirpy birds but no nagging thirds…

Letting Go

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter how much, how often, or how closely you keep an eye on things because you can’t control it. Sometimes things and people just go. Just like that.” ― Cecelia Ahern