What’s For Tomorrow?

A step forward today, two for tomorrow A pretty smile today, two for tomorrow A hearty giggle today, two for tomorrow A blissful moment today, two for tomorrow Many broken pieces today, few for tomorrow 10 negative thoughts today, few for tomorrow Hundreds of hurdles today, few for tomorrow Thousands of fears today, few for…

I Am Cold

What can you do when there is an expanse of darkness even when your eyes are open? Wait for that one ray of light that will hold your hand and take you out, towards a brighter tomorrow. But what if tomorrow isn’t sunny…it snows and you lay cold and trampled?

The Last Survivor

The world is becoming a prey to their hatred with blood on every living hand. Not a face is left alive that does not belong to a killer; they have all turned into butchers ready to chop heads off. Such mass destruction only opened gates to hell on earth, with Satan waiting for the downfall….


The day I lost my family is gone The day I lost a friend is gone The day I lost the love of my life is gone The day I lost everything is long gone They meant the world to me, they still would But they are gone and gone forever No matter how much…

Hope To Flee

A gaze in her eyes will give you the shivers… Not for the love filled but a hollow that quivers! A distant look in them, a longing to be free… Devoid of love, they hope to someday flee!