Of Glitter And Smoke

I breathe in raging fire and exhale soothing smoke I burn within me the dark coal and let out glitter as I choke

Reading Fire

There is fire in what I read A pyre of words that I seed Satire in verses that I feed A sharp wire in pages that I bead A rotten liar of books I heed, but… Never will I tire to quench the need

On Fire

I am the color of fire, devoid of all color I am the spark of fire, devoid of all spark I am the heat of fire, devoid of all heat I am the flame of fire, burning in my own flame I am the wrath of fire, a victim of my own wrath I am…

Stepping In Hellfire

Her eyes are red balls of fire And yours reek of lusty desire For she is beauty in your ugly shire That has slowly reduced to a mire Why blame your thirst on her attire? It’s your salacity and urge to sire Why else did you get her for hire? She’s a woman not a…

The Fiery Inside

Spreading positivity, she went brightening days As calm as an ocean she looked on the surface Hiding the inner turmoil, these were her ways Frustrations and hurt piled up at shocking pace Suppression only ignited an inner fire No emotional vent, heightened suffocation Pushed her towards forming a fiery pyre ‘I quit’ was her final…