Woman Of The Wild

Far away from the urban hustle bustle I live among the trees and their rustle Open eyes to sun rising soft and mild Fall asleep amid the roars of the wild Eat from the trees, drink from the river I rest in the lap of nature, my loving giver In wilderness I have found my…

Self Hate

“Thou canst not think worse of me than I do of myself.” ― Robert Burton

I Am Alive

You have sucked life out of my eyes, my soul and my existence. Now I float above the ocean like world as a dead body would. My eyes are still open but they are frozen pearls with no tears in them. My heart is still beating but feels nothing. My brain is alive and well…

In Your Honor

Fighting for honor, they say Where is the honor, I ask In keeping marriage pure, they say In killing those who love, I correct Love is bound to come, they say What bounds is not love, I remark What will the society think, they say Think what the lovers feel, I answer That’s not the…

I Am THAT Woman

Blown by the wind, flown by the waves I am the woman who listens to your raves Pushed by the passer, groped by the teaser I am the woman who lives as the pleaser Accused by the words, bruised by the swords I am the woman who kneels before the lords Used by the man,…

At The End

At the end of my arrow you stand tight Scared of the fate that may befall you Scared of the pain that will soon tear you Scared of the horror you will now face At the end of my arrow you kneel down Begging forgiveness from my tortured soul Begging for a little mercy from…

Immersing In Love

I am a delicate flower, sway me away from my roots. Take me with you far and wide, riding high on your waves. Immerse in my scent and let me immerse in your depths!

Mere Words

Words, mere words they were That you used to sweep me off my feet Your sweet words they were That drowned me in your thoughts They were your tender words That left me pinning for you Words, mere words they were That you used to pinch me and leave me bruised

Trembling Strings

Pull my strings but ever so lightly For what trembles make music Can create a numbing din That’ll bleed through your ears

Slipping Away…

I stare at the waves touching my feet. They wash away small shells from the blue depths. In a trance I take a handful of sand and watch it slip away. Grain by grain it leaves my hand as if it were never there. The tighter I hold on to it, the more it escapes….

A World Away

Let’s move across mountains and oceans To a world away from the world… Where stars shine bright and the moon smiles tight And we look above with hopes and not bounded ropes Where we wake up to the sound of waves crashing our caves And start the day with chirpy birds but no nagging thirds…

In My Dreams

“This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief.” – Rumi