Hidden In my Eyes

My eyes have a rising storm, hidden behind the calmness of the breezeThere is raging fire in my eyes, hidden behind the icy glareAn expanse of darkness stays in my eyes, hidden behind the fairy lights

A Widow’s Eyes

Just yesterday I was wrapped in white silk and today I am encased in black. It is not just the color of my cloak that has changed, my eyes have changed too. Where lay dreams of a life in love, today resides a fire to burn. With flowers in my hands and tears in my…

Blood On Me

There is blood in my eyes, my tears are red There is blood on my soul, my insides are broken There is blood on my heart, I’ve been stabbed There is blood on my hands, I have killed I’ve died and I’ve killed, there is blood on my mind…

The Blues Of Her Eyes

Stand on the edge and take a leap of faith Plunge into the depths of her blue eyes Where all the secrets to her heart reside

The Evil Eye

How well she tempts you with her beauty, her fragrance and her sweetness. You fall in the trap of her perfection and before you know it, you are stuck deep into it. You are in a deep slumber just like snow white. Where she fell for the poisoned apple, you had your heart set on…

Hope To Flee

A gaze in her eyes will give you the shivers… Not for the love filled but a hollow that quivers! A distant look in them, a longing to be free… Devoid of love, they hope to someday flee!