When You Drown

“You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it.” -Paulo Coelho

The Woman Who Bleeds

For days every month I bleed For years and decades I bleed For the love of life I bleed For the duty of wife I bleed For my future heir I bleed For being a mother I bleed I turn a giver of life when I bleed But why am I dirty when I bleed?

Let Me Breathe

Trapped in my body I writhe in pain Choke me but what have you got to gain …Let me breathe in the rain, in the rain Beaten thoughts are weeping out my brain Like life sucked out and washed in the drain …Let me breathe in the rain, in the rain Tired with thoughts going…

A Sailor Sailed Away

Out on the waters he would sail Sending me little gifts without fail Letters would pop up in the mail Even on days going white with hail Then all went calm and silent, he was frail No photos of whales and their tail No holiday and scenery from the rail No stories about chalice or…

Sleeping Beauty

Breathe into my soul a part of your life And unlock the slumber that captures me For I’ve been waiting for years to be your wife And wake up in your arms for I am yours to be

My Tired Soul

I wake up tired after a good night’s sleep and feel exhausted all the time. Why? This question bugs me day and night but the answer was lost until today. It is not my body that is exhausted, it is my soul. I trust no one and loves me nobody. I escape my reality but…

Love Never Dies

The strong arms of this world pulls us apart They hear me not but I shout, “He is my part” For years he lay with me and here forever he lies He is dead for years but I shout, “Love never dies”

Rinsing Off The Devil

A pure soul I was. Am I pure anymore? I was trampled by every passerby, laughed at and crushed like a piece of trash. They burned me with their false selves and abandoned me when I was no use. But I am still alive today. I am not pure anymore, my soul is dark. You…

A Drenched Soul

“It didn’t rain for you, maybe, but it always rains for me. The sky shatters and rains shards of glass.” -Tablo, Pieces of You

The Prince Of My Story

Flown away by a man, into a world of dreams I am not the flower that awaits sunny gleams Rescued from a prison palace burning in flames I am not another one of pretty delicate dames I do not smile coy for the spinning world around I am a wounded lioness who roars when bound!…

Drowning In Thoughts

Thoughts clouding the clear sky of my mind Random and incomplete, they are all I find Questions are pouring over me, wounding like a dart Answers to which are lost in the ocean of my heart Which way do I go, which will hurt me less? The puddle of options becomes a raging mess The…

The Invisible Prison

The beauty of nature mesmerizes me Pulls me to it But something stops us from uniting It’s a wall My eyes look for it but I see nothing Yet it surrounds me Like an invisible prison caging me I am trapped The sight is still soothing but am not at peace I wonder why It’s…