Footprints In Sand

I left an impression on his life just like leaving footprints in sand- vivid yet short lived. A slight gust of wind blew me away… -Yamini

An Incomplete Puzzle

Life is a puzzle I’ve heard, we all solve it before our breaths fall short. But what if we don’t have all the pieces to this puzzle?

Fly Into My Dreams

You fly into my dreams, wake me up with a start and fly right out. It feels like you killed me, brought me back to life and then killed me again!

On Her Lips

Poetry is the silent song on the lips of a noisy life… -Yamini

The Battle Of Words

What’s true will turn into poetry, what’s false becomes prose. A poet never loses a battle. they just win words. -Yamini

A Poet’s Tears

No tissue has the power to hold in a poet’s tears. Every drop burns a hole with a verse. -Yamini

The Blackness Of Red

“I watch as blood trickles down my wrist and wait for the red to blur before my eyes and leave behind a bright light that will soon fade to black.” -Yamini

Words To Hearts

A writer’s thoughts can fail but her words can’t… They win, not awards maybe but hearts for sure!


“Those who tell stories rule society” -Plato

Emotional Breaking

“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it.” – Nicholas Sparks

Knowing Nothing

“I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.” – Socrates