I Am Sinking

I took a dip in my memories and floated alongside our old pictures. I dived deep into the flowing river of the time we lived together. I surrendered to the current of the ocean that swept our love away. Now I am sinking… sinking in my own sea of thoughts.

Woman Of My Dreams

I fight for myself and fight for others in need. I hold my ground when you are shaking the earth under me. My thoughts are my own and I speak what I think. I know what I deserve and won’t settle for less. I am the woman of my dreams.

Graceful Pain

“Ever seen a duck? The beautiful bird gracing your city lake, doing its bit to attract people! It is so calm over the water but one look under the waves and you’d see how hard it struggles to attain that grace.” said the young ballet dancer tending to her wounds!

I Am Cold

What can you do when there is an expanse of darkness even when your eyes are open? Wait for that one ray of light that will hold your hand and take you out, towards a brighter tomorrow. But what if tomorrow isn’t sunny…it snows and you lay cold and trampled?

Inhaling His Scent

Close he lay by me, just up close. I could inhale his scent with every breath, my eyes closing in anticipation. His arm brushed mine, goose bumps forming in. His skin is soft and gentle, it tickles me. One look at him and a mother’s heart beats faster than ever!  

Brother’s Love

She stepped out of the room for the last time saying, “It’s all yours now”. All the memories of past years flashed by and he ruffled her hair once again that night but this time it wasn’t to irritate his baby sister. Her wedding day saw their bond strengthening!

Losing To The Devil

She felt a tug at her collar, a quick glance revealed a dark shadow. She felt drawn to the hazy image; it had a gothic beauty that left her craving. She breathes in his scent. Mystified, she follows. Intoxicated by the power he holds, she gives in… to the devil!

The Blissful Silence

His loving words were music to her ears once. Once her days were incomplete without listening to his words of love. But what is left of it is nothing but a deadly silence. She screamed in that void for days only to realize that this is the blissful silence she needed the most!

Beating Twos

Two hearts, beating together in love formed a whole. Separation pushed them in two different ways. Parting them in two different hearts. Complete in their own but still not complete. What was missing? Is that why Aristotle said, “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”?

Her Lonely Day(s)

She lay silently on her bed, nobody to disturb her, none to wake her up. Today nobody will come. A day to enjoy her own company, maybe that’s not what she wants. Tears roll down her cheeks as she looks at her paralyzed lower body.