Forgive My Sins


My mom always said that I was born to lead. For years she groomed me into a copy of herself. I was going to be her heir and sit on her chair, dictate terms and takeover firms. I learnt everything she could teach me and then some more. Today Iā€™m ready to take the reins in my hand. Everyone is rejoicing except me. I wonder if they felt my absence.

Standing at the roof of the very building my mother rules, I question her every move. Slowly I touch the railing and as I balance myself on it, I ask for forgiveness from the Lord for I am going to sin.


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  1. You sound suicidal if I am reading this right. And understanding it. Please get help. No matter how it seems you can fix your life with help. Please do not take your life. If I am wrong in my interpretation please forgive me. šŸ™šŸ½


    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you for your concern but this is a fictional story


  2. “WEaVinG DReAMS
    MaKinG LoVE ReaL”

    In A Sense and Feel Dear
    Yamini of Following ‘Your Dreams’
    And Truly Coming to Self-Actualize

    Who One is With Enough Balancing Faith in Grace
    of Love For Life to Develop Will And Strength to

    Actually Believe In Yourself
    And Do Who You Truly Are

    A Spark A Flame A Torch A
    Bonfire ‘”Saint Elmo’s” Fire”

    Both A Myth For Sailors Lost
    At Sea to Find Land For Home

    And Even A Movie by that Name
    And A Song As Well mY FRiEnD

    Yet Perhaps Even Better in Illustration
    A Movie Named “The Dead Poet’s Society”

    Where Culture And Family Will Dictate In Mold
    Who Someone Must Be No Matter How Much Spiraling
    Essence Doesn’t Fit In Square Holes of Form Pre-Determined

    By Others ThiS Way For in that Movie about a Poetry Teacher the
    First Lesson of Poetry is to Rip Out All the Rules That Judge What

    Is Rated As Good Or Bad Poetry From Before So the Essence

    Within of Creativity May Spring Forth MaKinG Another Creation

    Now of Humanity Not Preformed From Before my FRiEnD

    Indeed It’s Difficult to Rise Above All the

    Expectations that May Come From
    Family, Culture, And Even
    Closest FRiEnDS

    And Lovers
    As Close
    As Spouses too

    Yet What is the other
    Option Waiting For A Life
    Better After Death It’s True

    Some Folks Follow the Rules

    And Never Even Fully Live Free
    Naked Enough Whole Complete New Now

    As A Bird Leaves A Nest And Finds ItS own
    Wings mY FRiEnD It Surely Isn’t Easy Until the

    Day One Stands On Their Own Feet to Soar Higher

    Than Ever Before Touching the Feather of the Wind Free

    For What Greater Sin Is THere Than to Never Even Become


    i Am to
    “Live my
    Dreams Free Now”
    “WEaVinG DReAMS
    MaKinG LoVE ReaL”..:)

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