I still sleep with a dreamcatcher hanging above my bed.

For the world it is just a souvenir from a culture they are in awe with. But for us, it is the symbol of a legend we still believe in. They look at the pretty beads and feathers adorning the ring. We see the web like weaving within the wooden ring. They wonder if their bad dreams are caught in this beaded hoop. We know we are protected from bad dreams because the spider woman is looking over us.

I still sleep peacefully knowing the dreamcatcher hangs above my bed.


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  1. loisobleu says:

    Tu vois Yamini, l’optimiste que je suis se demande à quoi le monde s’émerveille si ce n’est son nombril…

    Bonne journée….

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    1. Yamini says:

      le monde et la littérature se ressemblent. nous y trouvons tous des significations différentes

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  2. 1972italy says:

    I have one above my bed as well. I try to take it outside and let the wind clean out the bad dreams that are stuck every once in a while.

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  3. SMiLes All Mythologies House Some Level of Truths in LiGHT
    And Even DarK Too With SMiLes What’s Saddest of All is When

    One CuLTuRE May Believe THeir Forms of Mythology Are THE Only
    Truth That is Real In Life Not Realizing That The Essence of Existence

    is What Humans Share Similarly As True All Words in Some Ways Are Dream
    Catchers this Way Even A Three Letter Word Tree As A Symbol For An Ever

    Evolving Part
    of Nature Still Free

    Dear Yamini With SMiLes

    As Of Course Folks May
    Feel Great Protection Yes From
    All Kinds of Fear Just By Standing
    Underneath A Huge Oak Tree ThiS Way

    SMiLes When my Father Passed away in 2014
    And When His Wife Passed Away in 2008 Sadly
    From Cancer in Her Case And Only In Her 60’s Like
    me Now then when they retired in the early 2000’s they

    Remodeled Their Home as Many Retirees Do and True it was
    A Bit Overdone Perhaps As They Had Plenty of Retirement Money to Spend

    Yet My Eye Caught A Rather Large Sculpture of the Goddess of Youth Holding
    A Cup Of Life Named ‘Hebe’ and the Usual Pose That ‘Apollo’ Hmm the God of
    Poetry is Usually Seen as in Torso to Head Bust Hehe It’s True in Someways

    Since then when we Inherited theTwo Sculptures i Place on a Metal File
    Cabinet that Holds All Our Bills in my Bedroom my Wife Has Become Somewhat
    of a Goddess of Youth at 52 As she doesn’t Age Much at all Hehe and True Yes of

    Course ‘Someone
    Else’ in This Home
    Has Written A 10.7 MiLLioN
    Word Long Form Poem too

    True Never Doubt the Power
    of Mythology As Mythologies
    Through All Of HiSToRY And
    Or HeRSToRY Have Been Known
    Felt and Sensed to Really Bring Dreams to Fruition New Now

    What Good Is Life Without A Bit of Magic Simply Life Without Magic

    That is
    Not A Blah
    Life i Will Live
    For Sure i Will
    Do Magic Instead
    Effortless Everyday In Ease Fearless
    As i Truly BeLeaf BeLoVE BeLiEVE Now
    This Living Tree me Continuing to Root and

    Out Free

    Always in
    New Colors
    of Course to Be i AM
    Every Letter is an Edifice of Myth
    Never Purely Reflecting Essence
    Yet it is the Way We Mutually and
    Consensually Share Our Human
    Realities Free Now With Wings to Be..:)


    1. Yamini says:

      Every culture has its own truth but one’s truth does not turn someone else’s truth into a lie

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      1. It’s True Dear Yamini
        As Groups And Individuals We
        Humans Give
        Share Care And
        Heal With Unique Truths
        At Best We Enjoy the
        Best of
        All These
        Truths Through
        Discerning And

        Unique Eyes😊🏝

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you 😊


  4. Simi says:

    belle écriture

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  5. Simi says:

    Very well written.

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you 🙂


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