On The Bridge


I saw a young couple taking pictures on the bridge today. This wasn’t the first time I saw a couple smiling their widest for the camera in this beautiful backdrop. But something about them got me thinking. I don’t know their names or where they came from. But the girl’s white dress and the man’s black tux gave it all away. Surely they were posing for their wedding photos. Standing on that narrow bridge, those two looked happy and content. I wondered if they knew this wasn’t the destination but the start to their journey. The life they were going to live looked a lot like the bridge they were standing on. Narrow and fragile, long and full of bumps. I think they knew that but perhaps they don’t know that just like the bridge, their married life was a one way street. Once you commence the journey, there’s no turning back. You can fight and disagree but you can’t come back to this moment. You can pull and push each other off the bridge but you can’t walk the bridge from start again. I saw a young couple taking pictures on the bridge today, the happiest they’ll ever be again.


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  1. aparna12 says:

    Very beautiful, dear Yamini. Enjoyed reading it. So innocent and yet such a deep insight on the journey of life. Very well written.

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words 😊


  2. Ah Yes Dear Yamini i Remember This Bridge to Marriage
    And True in Higher Classes in my Country Tens of Thousands
    of Dollars Are Often Spent By the Bride’s Family For a Wedding

    And True Even Photos
    Professionally Done May
    Cost More Than A thousand
    Dollars Just Like the Woman
    With the Flowing White Dress and
    The Man in the Tux in Inspiration You Provide

    Hehe Although We’ve Been Together Almost 33 Years
    Now Come September 21st, A Day i Remember Well in
    1989, Yes We Were Married on February 21st, 1990, on
    A Boardwalk of a River Underneath A Gazebo With A Small
    Circle of Friends And Family And A Notary of the Public A Friend

    Of the Family too
    Marrying Us Then
    the Marriage License
    Cost Maybe 10 Bucks
    Other than that it Was totally
    Free as the Reception Was too at
    my Place of Work Gifted by Both Employees
    And The Customers i Served There Really Homey
    my FRiEnD Really Warm And Comfortable/Cozy And my

    Wife’s Mother Offered only One advice to Us on our Wedding
    Day Yes to Never Go to Sleep Without a Hug Which Basically Means

    Never Let Any Argument Go Unreconciled Each Day Before Going to Sleep

    And Yes For Every Single Day From Hell thru Purgatory and Heaven Now We

    Follow this
    Recipe Fully
    of Forgiveness
    That Truly is a Secret
    to All Humane Success in Life

    For We aRE ALL Only Human
    We Make Mistakes We Fall Ill and
    Even Go to HeLL ON EartH Like me
    for 66 Months For Real a Real Test of Love

    Is How it Lasts After Even All the Feelings May
    Be Erased From One Human in the Couple A Real

    Staying Power of Love is Truly Being Loyal to Vows Yes

    More Than the Frills That Bring So Many Bills to the Bride’s
    Family Indeed as my Father Married Four Times and One of His
    Wive’s, One of my Stepmother’s New Husband Paid 25,000 Dollars
    For His Daughter’s Wedding and it Lasted All of a Year A Beautiful Wedding

    It Surely Was
    Yet Love is the
    Lasting Work Within
    it Takes for Two Folks
    to Make Love Real SMiles
    We’ve Been Through it All even
    Losing a Child Ryan Who’s Name
    Means “Little King” By the Way Yes

    in 1997 Born on June 4th, He Spent All 51
    Days of His Life In A Children’s Hospital only
    in Pain and Suffering as the 25th Anniversary of
    His Death Comes in 3 Days on July 24th And What

    His Short Life of No Smiles At All Teaches me Still We SMiLe
    For those Who Never Had the Chance at all We Carry on Love
    They Never Had A Chance to Feel and Sense and Give, Share,
    Care, And Heal With Others Indeed We Make A Covenant Within to Make

    The World A Better Place For We Understand the Full Depth And Birth

    Of this Gift
    of Life and
    Love Now New Still

    For Real As Long As
    We May Give, Share,
    Care, And Heal Even More

    We Breathe What a Gift That is
    One my Son Wasn’t Born to Be able
    to Do On His Own as True the Greatest
    Blessing of His Life His Last Heart Beat to

    Escape the Pain and Only Misery of Life True
    When We Really Understand the BLeSSinG Depth of
    Death it Does Make Breathing So Much Easier to Do Unafraid As i Held
    Him In My Arms Then Patiently Waiting For His Last HeART Beat of Peace

    Yes Honestly Excellence in Love At Best Will Be A Number One Job We Do..:)


  3. Simi says:

    c’est la vie

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    1. Yamini says:

      c’est vrai


  4. Simi says:

    Love everything you write.

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 keep visiting for more posts!


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