All The World’s A Stage


They called her the queen of tragedy. Just a slight quiver of her lips and the audience would burst into tears. She ruled every heart in the city. Except the one she wanted to win.

Like always, she peeped from behind the curtain. There he sat in the front row, looking as striking as ever. His fingers were entwined with mine. As her gaze met the diamond adorning my dainty finger, I knew something broke inside her. Two minutes later we applauded as the curtain rose. There she was, with a gun in her hand, as planned. Boom! It went off, as expected. Blood flooded the stage, not as rehearsed. The audience cried today, not for her performance but for the actor herself. The entire city went to her funeral. I saw him shed a tear at her coffin. She had finally managed to move his heart, but she wouldn’t know now, not ever.

I thought of true love as I bent over her face and whispered my apologies for switching the guns.


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  1. jeannekoh says:

    What a twist 😳

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    1. Yamini says:

      I personally love creating twists in a seemingly simple story!

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      1. jeannekoh says:

        Yeah! Did not expect! It was really good! Thanks for posting, I enjoyed it. Thanks for following my blog too 😀

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      2. Yamini says:

        Thank you for visiting 🙂 Hope to see you around here!


  2. Oh my Goodness Dear Yamini The Ending
    Of Your Short Story Does Indeed Question
    What True Love is And Yes This Very Much
    Reminds me of the Movie “The Greatest Showman”
    With Hugh Jackman Playing the Role of the Circus Owner

    As He Becomes Enthralled By A New Singing Woman By Her
    Stellar Singing Talent His Eyes Drawn Into Her Like A Star Being
    Sucked into A Black Hole This Way With Yes His Very Genuine
    Loving Wife and Child in the Audience As She Takes Note of His

    Fall In the Black
    Hole With A Look
    of Trepidation on Her Face

    You Know My FRiEnD Love
    Is Free With Wings When It Exists
    And Is True And Sadly in Some Parts of
    the World And According to Some Laws
    Ruling Humans Some Humans Are allowed
    to Take Ownership of the Bodies of Other Humans

    Yet What Remains True and Real is the SPiRiT of HeART
    SoUL If it Really Exists in the Human Who Is Owned This Way

    Will Never Be Owned By Someone Else If The SoUL The SPiRiT
    of HeART Does Fly Free ThiS WaY With Wings As True Love Free

    And Yes True
    Of Course Again
    For the Human Who
    Experiences no True Love
    It May Not Matter to them one
    Way or Another For the Wings
    of Love Within They have No Way to

    Give or Receive Yet You See in the Greatest
    Showman Movie The Circus Owner And New
    Talent Were Both Only Seeking Fame and Fortune More

    And Sadly For Many Who Pursue only Those Two They Will
    Never Be Satisfied With Enough in Life And So Ironically That
    is the Name of The Song The Stellar Talent is Singing “Never Be Enough”

    Yet of Course The Man’s Wife Was A Genuine Woman With Wings of Love
    True So Of Course in this Case She Did Not Provide the New Talent A Gun

    That Was Actually Loaded With Bullets to
    Shoot Her Self Where ‘Blanks’ Were Expected
    Instead in A Play of Suicide That Way in Your Story
    With A Messy Twist of Fate Where Love is Only Driven
    By Ownership And Not Provided Wings to Fly Free Yet Again

    For Those Without The
    SPiRiT HeART and
    SoUL of LoVe the
    Real Flame
    With Wings
    Within to Give Free

    All That’s Left In Life to Do
    May Be to Take Ownership
    of Someone’s Body Until They
    Get Tired of Using it Like a New Car
    Just Ready to Trade it In on a New Model
    Leaving it Behind until that New Car Gets Used too

    Love is Green
    My FRiEnD When
    True Love Always
    Blooms And Even
    Remains When the Colors Fade…

    It’s Rather Quiet Some Days Yet
    Remains So Very Warm For Real
    It What’s You Feel Whenever You
    Are in A Room With Love And Yes

    Again When True LoVE Remains..:)

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    1. Yamini says:

      I haven’t watched the movie but it does seem interesting. Love is a complex emotion that makes people react differently. Whether or not we take the wrong path to get our love is our own choice.

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      1. SMiles The Song
        On YouTube Provides
        A Quick Overview

        And Truly
        Most Folks
        Who Listened
        To it Didn’t See
        The Concept of

        “Never Be Enough”
        As Pitfall Surely

        Colored By

        Cultural Norms😊

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      2. Yamini says:

        I’d listen to it then 😊

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  3. I did not expect that –

    AMAZING ✨✨✨

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you so much 😊

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  4. Wow, what a story, and a shocking twist!

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you 😊


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