Hopes Of Sunshine

To the woman who is finding her sunshine,

I see you at night looking up at the starless sky and shed a tear for every hope you lose. I know you are surrounded with dark clouds every night. I see you turning off the lights in your room only to count the hours ticking away at the oval clock. I know you are burning memories in the dead of the night that once were your solace. I see you struggling to find every ounce of strength in you to start another day. I know you are longing for your lost sunshine…

I have seen a little girl building new hopes every night when she looks up at the night sky. Do you know she looks at your radiating light against the night’s darkness when she should be in bed? I have seen her praying to be like you just when you begin tuning to the ticking of the clock. Do you know she sleeps with her day’s memories of you playing on loop in her head? I see her jump out of bed every morning with a new strength. Do you know she has found her sunshine in you?

The woman who missed her sunshine…forever

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  1. Jimmy John says:

    Hope is everything. Well written 👌

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    1. Yamini says:

      Yes, hope can make a difference! Thank you 😊

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  2. Sunshine Child
    Within Phoenix
    Sunshine Eyes Ease🌈🔥

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    1. Yamini says:

      😊 sunshine brings out the life in us

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  3. Wonani says:

    I love this so much!

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you so much 😊 I am happy that you liked it!

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  4. The ray of hope inspires and ignites others to dream more and dare more 🧡

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      1. Thank you 👍👍👍

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