Just A Blossom


Pretty to the eye like a flower they would say
Preciously fragile like a petal they would say
Scented like a rose they would say
Easy to tame like a potted floret they would say

Are women nothing more than a blossom?

Pretty on the inside like a saint I will say
Preciously strong like a pillar I will say
Scent of sweat exuding like a maid I will say
Easy to turn wild like a fighter I will say

Are women really nothing more than a blossom?


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  1. utahan15 says:

    they are left
    side other side of sky
    x to y
    is so


  2. Angels And Demons
    Often Come From the
    Same Place Heaven
    And Hell it’s True at 50
    Each Morning When the
    Mirror Faces My Wife it
    Doesn’t Dare Suggest She
    Is Not The Fairest of All Still
    Her Grandmother Gave Her
    Heaven’s Love Her Other Earliest Memories of Hell
    Was Her Stepfather Standing over Her
    Bed With A Knife
    A Thief Coming
    Into Her Home
    Climbing in
    Bed With both
    She And Her Sister
    And No Food no Drink
    Not even Any Water
    For Stretches of
    Life Yet still
    There Was Heaven
    The Love of Her Granny…
    Of Course i was Attracted
    To My Wife’s Flower the
    Angel She is But i accept
    Her Demon Her Thorns too..
    Seen Fires of Youth too…
    But You see Hell
    Prepared Her to
    Stand With me
    In Hell as the
    Shut-in i
    Became From
    47 To 53 With Type
    Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
    The Worst Pain Known
    To Humankind the
    Suicide Disease
    Worse than
    Literal Crucifixion
    No Drug Would Touch
    Like A Dentist Drill in
    My Right Eye And Ear
    The only Relief very
    Small Sleep
    Plus 18 other
    Life Threatening
    In Synergy Illnesses
    Losing the Feeling of
    A Smile for 66 Months
    Was the worse Pain
    Of All Losing all
    Emotions as
    Memories are
    Emotions And
    Emotions are Memories
    Hell With no reference
    Point out not
    Even a
    Of the Feeling of
    A Smile in Hell
    Yet my Wife
    Stood by
    My side
    In Hell
    Was Strong
    Enough to
    See light at
    The End of
    The Tunnel
    Heaven’s FLoWeR
    Love eventually i Rose
    From the Living Dead
    And Breathed again
    Indeed Flowers
    Come From
    Thorns Heaven
    Comes From
    Hell Light
    Comes From
    Dark my Wife had
    Sympathy for the
    Devil now you
    Know who i
    And What’s ‘my Name’
    i am Not the only one
    Almost every Woman
    i’ve Met
    From a Similar
    Thorn indeed
    The Sweetest
    Flowers Angels
    Polished By Fire…
    They are Often attracted
    To my Kindness my Smile
    From Hell
    Seeing Heaven Breathe…

    Love my

    Name is Love
    It’s What A Devil
    Loves Most
    Cannot See in Hell…
    My Wife Still Sees me..🙏😊

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    1. Yamini says:

      That’s a very heart wrenching story you have! Wishes from my side for better times!

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      1. SMiLes setting myself Free Wild Again Looking Within Finding Instinctual Ways to Dance And Sing in Balance
        Of Flow on Top of
        Life’s Wave IS
        A Joy the Last
        7 Years Escaping
        What Cultural Domestication
        Brings most
        Now Fear
        The Destroyer
        Of Loving Life…
        No Fear Brings Light
        Room For Truth… Beauty’s Wisdom Loving this Breath Now Thanks Yamini 🙌🌊😁

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  3. WOW! That is soooo powerful and awesome! Cheers!!! 🙂

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you so much 🙂

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      1. My pleasure! 💕

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