Lost Answers

…we lived in two different corners of the country. But love had found us and as we said the vows in front of the priest, I dreamed of long lasting companionship with you. It pained me when you moved back to your corner while I made way to mine. Distance killed me, but I knew our love could stand the test of time. Bouquets and chocolates were showered but I only longed for your embrace and kept waiting. I was ready to leave everything behind and come to you, but…

You discouraged that, waiting for the right time. Your occasional visits were not enough, and they never were! My patience giving up and I guess that’s what pissed you off. Then my worst nightmare had come true, you brushed me off like I never mattered! That dreaded word, DIVORCE had become a reality!

Did I mean nothing to you? Or you gave up on me? I waited for you, I still do but something tells me to give up. But how can I? You meant the world to me and now poof, I am out of your world!

Still in wait of you, still in wait for the answers…long lost!


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  1. Celt Peadar says:

    This sounds like something I’ve been going through, for the past 3 years. Minus the wedding and divorce part…

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    1. Yamini says:

      I am glad that you could relate but breaking of a bond is painful and so is bearing the pain of togetherness

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  2. The Satyr says:

    Gosh, that touched a heart string or two. The subject of your fine words doesn’t appear to deserve your love…or perhaps your words. But hey, that’s just my humble opinion… x

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    1. Yamini says:

      Hey thank you and you are right, love is wasted on such a person…


  3. Every day all day , Every night all nights , Every minute, I wish for you Make it simple for me, Just once , Love sings

    Poetry Wolf

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  4. What a beautiful piece. I truly loved reading it. Great job my friend. Bravo!!

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thanks 😊

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      1. You’re welcome.

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