My Reflection

From across the glass, my clone stares in my eyes
Looking for all the answers that are lost somewhere

There is hope, or is that an illusion?
A trap that will take me to heights and then push me over!

An expanse of pain settles in her eyes
I know what it is; I know not what it will be

I stand silent, fearing her first move
Little did I know I had already taken the first step!

I am losing control to her, but how? Why?
I am intoxicated, my thoughts blurring and speech slurring

I fight this feeling, for as long as I can
But she overpowers me, I feel used and helpless

In a losing battle I take the last resort
Some courage and a pinch of strength is all I need

I have it, it’s with me, I’ll do it, YES I will
And smash! The mirror breaks and so does the trance

I am back into reality, the harsh one
Craving to get to the other side of the mirror and rule the weak!



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