Another Twirl

I long to see that twinkle in your eyes
That once shined upon our daily encounter
It’s not there and sadly a part of me dies
Still around you it is, just like your haunter

Today is the day, when your eyes are smiling
My heart skips a beat, am rejoicing over it…but…
It’s like a thud on my head that’s silently killing
The doorway to your heart is now a tight shut

You’ve thrown away those moments we had
Living them yet again but… with a new girl
I see the widest smile on you and am so glad
From a distance I see her as she makes another twirl!

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  1. lovely poem….. emotional it is…….

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  2. Clamity Jane

    All what

    All where Poetry Wolf


  3. Beautiful. I love it. Great picture. I love the picture.

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