The Neon Life

As neon lights up the dark spirited corner of the street, painted faces begin to flood in. Music blaring at the DJ’s call and youth swaying in the musty room. With dizzy heads and lurching steps, they exit; not knowing whose arm they take. Spending bagfuls to live their wild fantasies for a night, they wake up next morning to a blasting headache. They slog for the whole week, earn and splurge it all for a musical night of illusion. The sun sets, party starts and when the sun rises to dim the neon lights, life is back to ‘normal’!


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  1. Beautiful. I love this. I have to add this one to my favorites. Such a beautiful piece Yamini!!

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you so much 😊

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      1. You’re welcome!

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