Question Of a Name


He was rich, very rich. You have to be rich to afford entry into that exotic bar that too every single day! He stood at the same spot everyday fixing his gaze on that one dancer. He loved her or so she thought. Time found them dating, dreaming of a future together as a married couple. Life was good, but one day…

“I am a business tycoon, I have an image in the society to protect. You cannot marry a bar dancer for Christ’s sake! My son will marry the daughter of a business magnet and that is final. I leave no room for negotiation. Either you marry the girl I choose or you can kiss this wealth a final goodbye.” there wasn’t much to say and defeated he left his house. But a few hours without his credit card and the luxury car, he realized what his life would be if he chose his love. So back in his house he was trying to strike a deal with his grandmother. “I don’t mind your relationship with this girl. Have an affair, enjoy but marry the one your dad wants you to.” that was a practical advice to be followed immediately.

On hearing this profitable deal, the girl threw him out of her house. She vent out her feelings in front of a friend (another dancer) but the reply she got was beyond her imagination. “You are going to get a life of luxury out of this lusty atmosphere. How does it matter, wife or keep, its just a name!”


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  1. nathaswami says:

    Just a name? I have seen in practical life a woman who chooses a secondary position end up losing all. Besides, she is left to hold the baby – in the true sense of the term. The life of luxury also proves to be a mirage.

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    1. Yamini says:

      Yes I totally agree with you… that’s the reason I didn’t end it up with a decision rather left it open for discussion 😊

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