The Hypnotic Spell

Staring hard at the coffee mug placed a few feet away from her, she went into a trance. “Good morning”, said an irritatingly cheerful voice of a colleague that brought her back after 20 minutes. “Someone’s been up all night it seems”, she chirped further. The ‘no response’ strategy didn’t seem to work as the birdie sang again, “Love, my dear shows, no matter how hard you try to conceal it!”. As she moved towards her desk, her feet seemed to have an invisible spring under them, the woman was hopping with joy.

She was losing her patience when the high energy particle decided to furnish her with the details of her fast progressing love story. She told her all about how she loves this guy who is married to another chick but that he will soon be divorcing her to marry the love of his life. What all places she has decided to travel to for her honeymoon and on and on she went. CRASH… A loud sound gets the whole office on their toes…

She had hit the chirpy dame with a coffee mug hard on her head. Everything after that passed in a blur, hospital, death, police and straight to the judgment day. The murder weapon, the coffee mug had blood stains of the dead, and fingerprints of the felon. She was convicted without a doubt and was given a death sentence. All this while she had just one thought on her mind, “How the heck did I kill someone, I was never violent.”. Her husband came to meet her the last time and expressed his shock but nothing could be done now.

As he got back in his car, he chuckled over his smartness. “That was easy, my wife killed my clingy girlfriend. This is the first time I loved that irritating mug of hers she always clung to. I am happily unmarried again, woohoo!”. The car sped away, giving a slight glimpse of “World Famous Hypnotist…” embossed on the rear windshield.


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  1. Tanushree says:

    WoW!!! beautifully written

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  2. Yamini says:

    Thank you 😊


  3. jackcollier7 says:

    oh so damn clever ❤


    1. Yamini says:

      Yea very clever!!


  4. angyjenks says:

    Great job on this..


    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you 🙂


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