Dreams Of The Unknown

“Dreams are the lens to our inner thoughts and fears.”, she was told time and again. But something nudged her inside and gave way to doubts. Was she really scared? The same old repeated dreams were ruling her mind, controlling her actions and commanding her desires. How can a dream have so much effect on someone’s psyche she would wonder. But the answer to her whys were missing, till one day…

Mysterious Dream

She sat at the same bench of the park contemplating the dream she had seen so vividly in her sleep last night. Then all of a sudden a hand appears near her face, startling her. She looked up and found it belonged to a weird looking lady. She had her silver locks tied up on the top of her head in a fancy fashion, wearing a loosely fitting dress. A hand loaded with rings peeked from under the wide armed cape she had hung on her broad shoulders. Her deep dark eyes seemed to know more than you’d want her to know. And then the mysterious lady begins in her cryptic voice…

“The azure skies are heavy on your shoulders, drowning you in a pristine lake of thoughts. Your reality is burdened with the knowledge of unknown dreams.”, she stopped midway of her unfathomable speech. She turned away and started walking as if someone was calling her. Mystified with the weird lady’s attitude, she stood up and without knowing followed her. The inscrutable knowledge of the lady pulled her towards her arcane castle. Something was going to change today, an inside voice called out!

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After spilling the beans about her recurrent dreams a sense of calm had surrounded her. “Lie down”, she commanded. An hour of relaxation had re-stationed her to another world that was both familiar and unknown to her. People, places, everything was different yet so native. She had lived every moment of it in another life and had forgotten it all during her transition to the next one. Her dream was live, in front of her. The weirdness she had associated with her dream disappeared with every moment she spent in that trance. After gathering the answers to all her queries, she was positioned back into today’s reality. Slowly her feet took her back to where she had met the enigmatic old lady and crumbled upon the same bench with exhaustion.

An hour later she woke up to a fresh breeze and a sense of harmony with herself. Her dreams were not troubling her for once and she was experiencing true peace.




Wait, was I sleeping this whole time, did it even happen or was I living my dream in another unknown dream?

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  1. seenu625 says:

    I missed your articles, feeling better after reading this. I do Dream a lot.


    1. Yamini says:

      I am so glad that my writing helped you in some way! Having dreams is very natural, they are indicating at things at times, you can read about it here https://www.dreamscloud.com/en/dream-dictionary


      1. seenu625 says:

        Thanks a ton,👌

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  2. seenu625 says:

    Dreamscloud.com is very informative.My sincere thanks.


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