Our Foggy Dreams


Wake up early tomorrow and walk out towards the morning winter fog. The cold, unwelcoming atmosphere will give you a taste of life. The misty finish of the air around you is a barrier that prevents you from clearly seeing things coming. That’s where most of us are standing today, a situation where our thoughts are clouded and stopping us from believing our dreams.

Walk in fog

‘Valuable’ views from others, telling us that our ideas are unrealistic are the mist. It is the layer that is fogging our dreams, making them seem blurred to us. And how are we supposed to do justice to our dreams when they seem so unclear and distant? Foggy dreams that most of us are witnessing can’t be realized to the best of our abilities.

Take a step in the right direction, clear off this fog and get face to face with your dreams. Only then you’ll you’ll be close enough to touch them and that my friend is the blissful feeling no other thing can give you! Spread your wings, take a long leap and rise above the ground. Yes you dreamer, you belong to the sky high up. Push yourself and there’s nothing else that can stop you. Clear off this fog from around you and you’ll be shinning bright and high, living your dreams!

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