Chasing The Wrong Dream

Ever wondered what’s getting in the way of your dreams? Is it because they are too big or are unrealistic? I’ll tell you what, the reason of the unfulfilled dreams lies within us. We are responsible. Why is that so? You are trying your best, doing the needful but still your dreams seem distant! You are chasing the wrong dream. Yes, there is a thing like that.


If while striking the cords of a violin, you are lost in the thoughts of ballet, how will you do justice to this musical art? When you are craving for jazz from inside how do you expect classical singing to interest you? You are chasing the wrong dream, the dream that you have not seen through your eyes. Rather it has been poured in your mind by someone else. We have grown up hearing about ‘our’ dreams and have believed this big fat lie. Though it might give pleasure to the ones who have ‘given’ us this dream, it will not do us much good.

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You can realize your dream only when you have your heart into it. Half hearted efforts will not take you anywhere and that is a reality we all need to face. You have to live your own dreams and not the ones who’ve been shown as yours. Learn to differentiate between the wrong and right dreams and then put in your 100%. The results will show!


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