The Story Of A Dark Night (Knight)

Sitting beside a flickering candle, reading a piece of paper, she cried her last. With every drop of tear that exited her eyes, fear was losing its grip on her. Her wet eyes had a determination so strong that even the bravest of the knights would tremble. She had made up her mind and the rising head from the table had all the answers plastered on it. It knew no fear of the past, just a sense of calm for the future.

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Once she had lost herself to love, the love of a man who claimed to be her knight in shining armor. Days would start with his snoring while the nights ended with a loud moaning. Passion was what kept them high in this relationship. But if love making did it all, live ins should have worked just fine. Falling in love and making love are two different things; alas he had no idea of this striking contrast.

One last time she closed her eyes and freed the last lot of tears, took a deep breath and ready to trek on a path unknown to her. The walk she has chosen to take all by herself is no candy lane, rather an unlit path, traveled by few. The fear of the dark unknown seems to have no effect on her. She has stood up and moved to a broken window. The flowing curtain kisses her tears away as she looks at the white mystic ball in the sky. It reminds her of the ‘good’ old days, the days that will not have a mark on her future.


The night is dark but waiting for dawn is way beyond her capacity to bear. She would have to start her journey in this freezing night or else she might never be able to. With just a shawl wrapped around her frail body she takes the first and the most difficult step of the night. Trotting along a dark deserted trail, she manages to keep her head held high. Her cheeks still moist with the remains of the last emotional outburst, her eyes seem hollow and frozen, as if she is a walking corpse. But only her insides know best the story of this night. The proof of which was left to burn under the candle as an irretrievable memory.

She walks into a new world at the dawn of the next day. A half burnt paper lies near the wooden table she sat on, waiting for its burial. But before the last clasp of her past broke its ties from her, the morning light gave a glimpse of “Last Letter From Your Knight” embossed on the crumbling sheet!

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  1. Tanushree says:

    It touched my heart… Awesome girl.. keep rising.. 👌👌

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  2. Yamini says:

    Thanks a ton!!


  3. bowen says:

    i like each and every piece of writing have worked on..keep the game going

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    1. Yamini says:

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback 😊 it really motivates me


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