Dreamer Today, Inventor Tomorrow

Have you experienced being the laughing stock among your peers for a new idea that struck you? Have you been called a fool for dreaming about something that is not achievable? If not, you aren’t dreaming! What is a dream that doesn’t sound unreal? What are dreamers without such dreams, questions and views?


There are two types of people, first who accept things the way they are and second who question everything. We, the dreamers fall in the second category. We just can’t digest information without knowing the logic behind it. How can you not ask questions, have doubts and the zeal to explore? Till the time we get to the bottom of a fact we are not satisfied. This lack of satisfaction is what makes us dreamers! We are the ones who would prefer to bombard someone with our queries rather than forget to quench our thirst for knowledge!

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Ever wondered how our life would have been, had Newton just accepted that the apple had wanted to fall on his head rather than take a leap towards heaven? Yes, our syllabus would have been a lot easier. But the development of the society would have been lagging. He was a dreamer who refused to accept the obvious facts of the world and questioned them at every step.

I am not comparing you to the great Newton but we are also dreamers like him. Just by questioning things today we might learn and invent new things. From a new dance form to a new painting technique, we can invent millions of things, if only we decide to believe in our dreams. You just need to get the knack of asking questions and you will get the answers to your inside queries. If you are a dreamer today, you will become an inventor tomorrow!

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  1. Tanushree says:

    You just portrayed me… Loved it dear..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yamini says:

      That’s really sweet of you!

      Liked by 1 person

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